Claudio Bartolucci

Visual Designer
Crossmedia Web Consulting
ICT Information and Communication Technology
Marketing Automation Specialist

I create, realize and produce multimedia systems, applications and websites.

I design multimedia displays and stands with interactive procedures and large-sized video projections, using state-of-the-art technologies
for both visuals and audio, conceiving and creating the contents with leading-edge digital systems.

I am constantly engaged in research and development in the fields of interaction design, IT communications, web design, videography, computer animation and electronic art.
I have a background of consolidated experience in digital art.
I have adopted the latest technologies as they have appeared, conceiving and carrying through major advertising projects.
Several of my works in a variety of sectors have been published in the leading specialist press.
I have received prizes and awards for my work.

I design high-quality dynamic sites with a high degree of automation, handling all phases:
creative concept, organisation of contents, graphic design, engineering, realisation, web launch, testing, positioning and maintenance.